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Nightingale Primary School

School Dinners

Children at Nightingale can choose to have a school dinner or bring in a packed lunch at lunchtime but we encourage parents to opt for a school dinner. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal on a daily basis, under the government's Infant Free School Meals programme. Once children are in Year 3, they are currently entitled to a free school meal, funded by the Mayor of London. This is currently just in place for 2023-24. Children in Nursery opting for a school meal are required to pay for their lunch using our Parent Pay system.

Some pupils are entitled to a free school meal through income related support. If you think you might be entitled to this, we encourage you to apply as it secures other additional funding for your child in school - you can check if you are entitled by following this link .

Our school meals are freshly cooked on site on a daily basis by Nourish. You can see the current menus by clicking on the links below. Here is what Nourish say about their school meals:

We believe every child needs a satisfying meal at lunchtime, fuelling them for the afternoon ahead. Nurturing the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, we provide a nutritious meal every day to nourish from within.

Our menus change in line with the seasons to bring fresh and vibrant options whatever the weather.

Our wholesome lunchtime meals guarantee the nutrients and vitamins a child needs, with a variety of carbohydrates, protein and fibre. Our menu is fully compliant with School Food Standards and we take pride in providing nutritious but tasty food.


Pirate Day 16/05/24 

 School Lunch Menu - April 2024 to October 2024 - Current